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OMBRE BROWS - Virgin Brows

Ombré Brows Virgin Brows are eyebrows that have never had any permanent or semi-permanent makeup. This clean canvas allows the artist to create a precise gradient effect, transitioning from lighter at the front to darker at the tail, resulting in a soft, powdery finish. The untouched nature of virgin brows typically leads to more vibrant and accurate results.

2-3 Hrs.

Regular Price: $600

Current Promo: $500

OMBRE BROWS - Non Virgin Brows

Ombré Brows Non Virgin Brows are eyebrows that have previously undergone permanent or semi-permanent makeup. Existing pigments or scarring can complicate the new application. The artist may need to correct old pigments and work around existing shapes to achieve the desired ombré effect, often requiring multiple sessions for optimal results.

2-3 Hrs.

Regular Price: $650

Current Promo: $550


Microshading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that enhances eyebrows by creating a soft, powdered effect with tiny dots of pigment.

Unlike microblading's hair-like strokes, microshading offers a fuller, makeup-like look, ideal for those with sensitive or oily skin. The results typically last one to three years.

2-3 Hrs.

Regular Price: $700

Current Promo: $600


The powder brows is very similar to the ombre brows. With the powder brows, unlike the ombre technique, the shadow runs inwards from the end. With this technique it looks like you have colored your eyebrows with eyebrow powder.

2-3 Hrs.

Regular Price: $650

Current Promo: $550


This technique deposits pigment into the skin with precise, hair-like strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hairs. The result is fuller, more defined brows with a natural look. Nano brows are ideal for those seeking long-lasting, low-maintenance eyebrow definition and can last up to 18 months with proper care.

2-3 Hrs.

Regular Price: $750

Current Promo: $650


This cosmetic procedure combines nano blading and shading techniques to create fuller, more defined eyebrows with a natural yet enhanced look. It results in a well-balanced, textured brow appearance that can last up to 18 months with proper care. Nano combo brows are ideal for those seeking a more dramatic yet natural-looking eyebrow enhancement.

2-3 Hrs.

Regular Price: $700

Current Promo: $600


We enhance your lips with natural pigments, offering everything from lipliner to full lip color, customized to your preference. Choose a look from subtle to bold. Semi-permanent lip tattoos enhance the appearance and longevity of lipstick or can be beautifully complemented by just a lip gloss for a plumper look.

Aquarelle Lips :2-3 Hrs.

Regular Price: $675

Current Promo: $550

Touch up in 12 Weeks (if needed): $85


Eyeliner tattooing helps you look awake without daily makeup, lasting 5-10+ years with a complimentary touch-up session included. The fine eyeliner technique involves a thin line through and beyond the lashes, customized with or without a flick. We plan your ideal eyeliner shape and color together before starting, using anesthetic creams to minimize discomfort.

The procedure takes 1.5 hours, with potential swelling and redness for 2 days. A follow-up session 6-8 weeks later ensures optimal results.

Traditional Eyeliner

Upper or lower (2 Hrs)

Regular Price: $490

Current Promo: $400

Touch up in 12 Weeks (If needed): $70

Both upper & lower (2.5-3 Hrs)

Upper or lower (2 Hrs)

Regular Price: $598

Current Promo: $450

Touch up in 12 Weeks (If needed): $70


Yearly touch-up sessions are recommended for maintaining the optimal appearance. These sessions provide an opportunity to refresh the color and refine the shape, ensuring that the eyebrows continue to look natural and well-defined.

Such touch-ups are vital in adapting to changes in both skin condition and beauty trends, allowing for adjustments that cater to evolving personal preferences.

Time :2hours 15 mins

Regular Price: $350

Current Promo: $300

Yearly Touch-Ups: $250


  • You fill in your brows every morning.

  • You want a nicer brow shape.

  • You're tired of uneven brows.

  • You have no brows.

  • You don't have time to do makeup everyday.

  • You don't have time to do makeup everyday.



When it comes to permanent cosmetics, the highest level of sanitation standards must be applied. This is very crucial especially when open skin is involved for permanent cosmetics.

Here in our studio, we utilizes different levels of cleaning for sanitation purposes.

1. We use Cavi wipes to disinfect the working area, countertops and procedure chair.

2. We make sure that all tools, needles, utensils are all brand new and we dispose them of after each client.

3. We open in front of you each disposable needle.

The Healing/Aftercare Process:

It is important that aftercare instructions are followed during the healing process. Failure to do so may affect results.

  • Permanent Cosmetics area will begin to oxidize and gradually get darker. The darkest will be the following day.

  • The area will begin to scab/flake with the healing period of about 7-10 days but this solely is dependent on the person and their body. Some women may heal in 4 days, but some in 2 weeks. Do not compare yourself to others. Please try to schedule your events accordingly.

  • When they start to peel DO NOT pick at them, as the area that has been picked at will be lighter than the rest once healing is finished. When the peeling is completed, you are able to proceed with your regular routine.

  • We do not recommend working out as it produces sweat and may cause pre-mature lifting of the scabs. This includes swimming, hot yoga, and sauna. If any of this is done, it can cause your scabs to peel prematurely and can even lose pigment.

  • Sleep on your back always; generally side and stomach sleepers tend to have the worst retention as the scabs are removed in their sleep from the surrounding areas.

  • The process of healing is very similar to a tattoo on your body. Nothing should be touching the permanent makeup area during healing. This includes shampoo, cleansers, makeup, etc. From the moment you walk out with your new brows, they will become significantly darker and will begin to scab.

  • You can use water it you'd like to cleanse the area. Always PAT dry with PAPER TOWEL.

  • For seven days, once per day in the mornings, apply balm that is provided at the time of the appointment. With oilier skin clients, apply balm for five days. This acts as a protective barrier. ONLY ADD A PAPER THIN AMOUNT. Gently apply onto the area in a TAPPING MOTION.

  • Your permanent cosmetics will not be perfect for the very first time. So don't expect it to be. There can be times where scabs come off too early and poor retention is caused. This is why there is always a free touch up appointment to fix any areas.


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