Permanent Make-up Trends 2021

Permanent Make-up Trends 2021

Customers who have decided on permanent make-up (PMU) regret not having done it much earlier after a professional permanent make-up treatment.

The forecasts of the Beauty Trends 2021 assume that the demand for PMU will continue to be high.

There is even a very positive outlook. However, only for permanent make-up and microblading providers who work responsibly and professionally. The techniques and regulations keep improving. It is now to be hoped that sensible access restrictions to the profession of pigmentation will also be drawn up. This would finally help to reduce health risks and optical blemishes. The regulation would prevent that not everyone is allowed to simply work on their skin with the starter packages ordered from Amazon and a business registration, with a needle and paint.

So it is constantly improving and new refined processes are replacing the old techniques and materials. The question now is: which PMU treatments will be popular in 2021? 

Is microblading still number 1? 

For seven years, microblading was number one in permanent eyebrow makeup, but something is changing. It seems that some microblading experts have been turning their backs on this technique recently.

What’s behind it? One reason is that microblading is by no means suitable for all skin types. For oily or coarse-pored skin, powdery shades, so-called powder brows, have been shown to achieve more appealing results. This technique often lasts longer and looks more natural. In addition, microblading can often not be used to correct old permanent make-up. It often simply does not stick to the already pigmented skin.

To attract more customers, microblading artists have gradually started adding other PMU treatments to their offerings. In this way, customers who are not suitable for microblading due to their skin conditions could still be treated.

Another reason is the drawing of hairs itself. A natural arrangement of the eyebrow hairs is the most difficult technique to learn. As a manual technique, it requires accuracy, individuality and a lot of practice to perfect the hairstyles. Many providers choose Powder Brows because it is easier for them to learn and perfect the shading technique. Evil voices say it’s a bit like coloring pictures in children’s books. As a permanent make-up expert, however, I can confirm that there is more to it than that

Now the supposedly newest trend, digital blading, is moving into the spotlight. What’s new about it and is it really easier to do than microblading? 

Is digital blading taking over the throne?

Digital blading is a very sophisticated version of hair drawing. If you are honest and have been in your job for a long time, you know:It’s not new and it definitely couldn’t be easier!

It is a fundamental technique of permanent make-up that is now getting hype with a new name. Digital blading is the mechanical drawing of hairs with the well-known permanent make-up device. Some coaches claim it is easier to learn, some coaches say the opposite and find the technique more challenging to learn. What is right now? It is clear that the end result is very similar to microblading, as the hairs can be worked very finely. The exact drawing of a smooth hair with the device is more challenging for most pigmentists than drawing a hair with the microblading handpiece. It took a lot of practice and an understanding of the technology. The arrangement of the hair drawing, on the other hand, is to be classified in terms of difficulty in the same way as with microblading eyebrows.

The new hype does not mean that microblading will withdraw entirely. It is still one of the most popular eyebrow procedures. Professional microblading artists are booked months in advance. So if you already have a good name in the PMU industry and only offer microblading, you don’t have to worry. However, when the demand for microblading continues to decline, it is time to act. To do the right thing, you first need to know why there is less demand. Is it your quality? Your customer service? Do you need further training or is this technique simply not suitable for you? 

Brow lifting the trend after microblading and eyelash lifting?

The eyebrow lamination or brow lifting is a technique for freshening up the color and lifting the shape. The eyebrow lift creates a fluffy browser effect. It is a nice option for coloring the eyebrows and an add-on for eyebrow styling with microblading or shading brows. Unfortunately, there is a catch here. It is only suitable for people who have a lot of their own eyebrow hair and who want a special, stronger look, such as the bold brows look. If you have pigmented brows, you can only use the eyebrow lifting to underline the intensity of the bold browser look or to delay the time until the next intensification.

Brow lifting is not suitable for those with sparse or no brows. You will still have to be content with eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil, or eyebrow mascara. Microblading, digital blading, and shading brows are better choices for thin or sparse brows.

Warning, the same applies here: A lot doesn’t always help a lot! A beautiful eyebrow look is not achieved by following every trend, but with a result that is appropriate to the type! 

More beauty trends in 2021

Eyebrows are still number one in makeup. However, other procedures such as lip pigmentation or permanent make-up eyeliner are becoming increasingly popular. Which other beauty trends will be popular in 2021: 

Eyeliner |

The permanent make-up eyeliner is one of the trends for 2021. Fortunately, permanent make-up is more towards naturalness. The eyeliner is not drawn as intensely today as it was a few years ago. More and more women like the more natural version of the airy eyeliner. 

Eyelash extensions |

Lashes should still be long in 2021, but they should also look much more natural. The baby doll look is out of date and definitely too much! Artificial eyelashes that are too heavy can also have dire consequences. Your own natural eyelashes cannot withstand the weight and break or fall out. Sometimes there is also inflammation of the eyelash roots.

For this reason, the eyelash lift trend outweighs eyelash extensions. The eyelash lifting or the eyelash perm will remove the eyelash extensions after Corona. Towards more naturalness and small optimizations! 

Permanent makeup |

The real purpose of permanent make-up is to highlight advantages and hide small flaws. The positive properties should be subtly emphasized but not unnaturally distorted! Here, too, there has been more natural permanent make-up results for some years now. Unfortunately, a permanent make-up artist needs a lot of experience and a sure instinct in order to be able to achieve these natural results for his customers. So be careful when choosing an expert! 

Freckles |

Another treatment that keeps popping up on social media is freckles. Fake freckles that are supposed to appear cute. These false freckles are designed with henna paint or even permanent make-up or tattoos. It should create a younger look, an individual look and sun-kissed skin. It is important to point out allergic reactions from henna and the really long-term durability of tattoos. With permanent make-up, the freckles may gradually fade, but it is a trend that I, as an expert, would not implement. Rather use make-up pencils for the freckle look ?? 

What about lip trends 2021?

When it comes to lip trends, lip PMU techniques are very popular. Permanent color refreshment, such as with the Aquarelle Lips technique (delicate shading) and subtle adaptation of the shape, are always the best method to obtain permanently beautiful lips. More and more women are booking permanent make-up appointments to have their lips optimized. If done professionally, it is perfect for obtaining visually fuller lips. As an anti-aging treatment for the lips, it also helps women feel more comfortable. It is important for this that it is not artificially or excessively healed.

Permanent lip make-up is an alternative to replace surgical procedures or to combine them in moderation. The advantage of permanent lip make-up is the durability and the natural appearance. The professional permanent make-up result is a convenient helper in everyday beauty. Suitable for every lip, always perfect without smudging.


Due to the further development of techniques and materials, permanent make-up can look very natural. The results of ambitious and professional experts keep getting better. Some outsiders will not even recognize a good result as permanent make-up. This positive development makes the decision for permanent make-up easier these days. PMU should highlight advantages and conceal flaws no more and no less.

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Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida.

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