Why Ombré Powder Brows At Microblading Tampa Bay

Why Ombré Powder Brows At Microblading Tampa Bay

When you think of permanent make-up, you quickly think of the dark, thin, hard, and sometimes even blue or red permanent eyebrows from the 90s. The current trend is the exact opposite. Natural-looking, full-looking brows are created today with the shadow technique of ombre powder brows.

An Ombré powder brow treatment takes an average of one and a half hours. You don't have to worry about the treatment hurting. The vast majority of customers indicate that epilation is many times more annoying. Prior to the actual treatment, your eyebrows are pre-drawn according to your wishes and needs. This makes it immediately clear in advance what your final eyebrows will look like. To test the semi-permanent color of the Ombré powder brows, different shades of pigments are adjusted as a test. This makes it clear which color is suitable for you! Satisfied with the result? Then the treatment can start. After the treatment, clear aftercare instructions are given to promote the recovery process of your eyebrows.

When you choose Ombré powder brows, you choose a semi-permanent adjustment to your eyebrows. Pigmenting and coloring your eyebrows can have results for up to 2 years, if they are well cared for, of course. It is therefore very important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully after the treatment.

For example, it is important to come into contact with water as little as possible during the first week, because this can affect the result. After a few weeks, it is also important to lubricate the eyebrows with a nourishing ointment. In addition, a few other steps are essential. Are you in doubt? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you on your way.

Ombré powder brows provide a perfect look to your eyebrows without losing precious time in the morning. The benefits of the perfect brow, but not the burdens! Compared to the time and money needed to color and maintain your eyebrows, the Ombré powder brow is an affordable alternative that you will enjoy for a long time. Ombré powder brows are available for all skin types and are ideal for those with limited hair growth or bald spots. In addition, they do not leave any scars, red spots or swelling. You can wake up with the perfect eyebrows for up to a year and a half! Microblading Tampa Bay uses renowned permanent make-up devices and pigments. We work hygienically at all times with only recognized and certified professionals

The procedure

An intake interview will first be scheduled. During this intake interview, we will discuss your wishes and the condition of your eyebrows together. I also explain the pre- and aftercare instructions and a health declaration will be completed. If everything is clear, we will immediately schedule the appointment for the first and second treatment.

On the first treatment, we draw the eyebrows with a pencil until you are completely satisfied. Then we determine together the color that best suits your own hair color and skin color.

Usually the pigmentation is slightly darker than desired. Four to seven days after pigmentation, the color will lighten as the epidermis will shed the pigment. This may be accompanied by small crusts/flakes. After this rejection, the pigmentation may look a little too light again. After at least 6 weeks the first follow-up treatment takes place. Corrections can still be made in shape and color.

Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida.

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