Microblading & Scalp Micropigmentation Training

The Semi-permanent Makeup Revolution Is Here!

  • PENNSYLVANIA - March 18-19-20
  • CHICAGO - March 25-26-27
  • NEW JERSEY - April 8-9-10
  • Atlanta,GA - April 15-16-17
  • Jacksonville, FL - April 22-23-24

Our combined course is designed to teach you EVERYTHING FROM ZERO, from how to perform SMP and Eyebrows procedures to managing your own micropigmentation business.

 We Teach You Techniques From Micro Shading, Ombre Brows & Powder Brows To Scalp Micropigmentation.

Eyebrow Micropigmentation consists of filling in and shaping, with a specially developed blade (16 ultra-thin needles in a row), of your eyebrows with semi-permanent make-up.

You can save a lot of time every day. You can look flawless at any time of the day without any effort. Fuller, thicker, well-shaped eyebrows lift the eyes and frame the face like no other treatment, making you look younger and fresher. You’ll feel confident each day knowing you can wake up with no makeup and still look and feel beautiful.

Hair loss is something many people struggle with. The confidence we give back to our clients is by far one of the best feelings you can give to someone suffering with hair loss, alopecia, hair transplant scars and thinning/balding scalps.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a fairly new method of cosmetic, non-surgical technique that implements the tiniest ink dot into the scalp to replicate a hair follicle. The results are amazing.

Learn All The Skills Needed To Begin A Career In One Of The Highest Paid Jobs In The Industry!

If you’ve been looking for a new career and want a profession that is high in demand, pays well, and lets you meet new people all while working your own hours – then Micropigmentation Academy is right where you need to be!

We stand by our service and offer you only the best training led by our Masters.

Microblading & micropigmentation change the lives of many people around the world, giving passionate people like you the opportunity to enter the beauty industry without years of school or huge amounts of unnecessary loan. No previous experience is needed!

Eyebrow Micropigmentation & Scalp Micropigmentation Training


 Micropigmentation Artists In The United States!

INSTRUCTED BY:  Yerelin Guerrero & Juan Guerrero

Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida. She is a Microblading Certified/licensed Artist, Certified Makeup Artist, Advanced Certified Lash Artist and an Advanced Certified Lip Tattoo Artist. She loves how something as simple as eyebrows can help women feel a sense of confidence and security.

Juan Guerrero is the CEO and Founder of ScalpMicro Tampa Bay clinic.  He helps people with hair loss problems to regain their confidence through scalp micropigmentation (SMP). It is very important to him that he can bring the wishes of the customers into reality. Quality, professionalism and creativity are paramount to him.

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What we teach:

Our combined course is designed to learn EVERYTHING FROM ZERO, from how to perform SMP and Eyebrows procedures to managing your own micropigmentation business.

  • Eyebrow Classes taught by Microblading TB.
  • 4 Eyebrow Micropigmentation Techniques
  • SMP classes taught by ScalpMicro TB
  • Complete Machine kit included
  • All Materials Included
  • Demonstration with Live Models
  • 3 intensive days of a lot of practice
  • Online tracking for 6 months
  • Price is on offer

This course is for you if...

  • You are a fan of Eyebrow Micropigmentation & Scalp Micropigmentation.
  • Are you looking to learn all about Eyebrow & Scalp Micropigmentation.
  • You want to feel confident working with your first models or clients.
  • You are not looking for shortcuts and you are taking this job very seriously.
  • You are dedicated and have time to learn.
  • You are ready to work and practice.
  • You haven't taken any course yet but you would like to learn.
  • You have already taken courses and are willing to improve your techniques.
  • You want to learn new advanced techniques and add more services to your current menu.
  • You want to do intensive training, which is based on practice and guidance.
  • You want to transition to Permanent Makeup.

In-class Experience

During in-person training, students are in class working directly with a certified ScalpMicro Tampa Bay & Microblading Tampa Bay trainers. Classes consist of direct instruction, observation, and closely guided skill development practice. 

Live Demos

Students will closely watch instructors demonstrate correct technique. During the observations, students are encouraged to ask questions and take notes to consolidate their learning in their own practice.

Practice With Models

Students will have the opportunity to practice on live models under the close supervision of a coach with guided support. No more than 6 students practice together at a time, ensuring personalized learning and attention.

Register now! (5 slots left)

We are giving a BIG DISCOUNT! Valid for the next 48 hours!


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Create Instagram-worthy Brows

When you leave our Training, you will be ready for Instagram

Start your journey into the world of Eyebrow Micropigmentation & SMP!

We teach you how to become great at Eyebrow Micropigmentation & SMP and generate great income

  • EYEBROW Micropigmentation
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • You learn everything from ZERO
  • Combo Course (Eyebrows and SMP)
  • Available in several states of the country

"A while ago, I thought my passion was just creating beautiful eyebrows, but I realized that I still enjoy teaching, especially when I meet such determined and resilient women." – Yerelin

Start Your Journey Into The World Of Micropigmentation

The total cost of the Eyebrow Micropigmentation course of 4 techniques + Scalp Micropigmentation training is $3,500.

You will pay a non-refundable deposit of $350 only during registration (& you pay the rest on the first day of the class).

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