The Latest Trend Regarding PMU Eyebrows

The Latest Trend Regarding PMU Eyebrows

The latest trend regarding PMU eyebrows are the Ombre Brows. While the ombre hair trend turned into the balayage years ago, the ombre brows are making their entrance. And we love it!

Ombre brows are very subtle, so not as striking as the old ombre hair trend . The eyebrow starts out light and gets darker towards the tip of your brow. This makes your eyebrows appear fuller and super tight. You can of course draw them yourself, but how nice is it when you wake up with these beautiful brows? Saves you fifteen minutes to half an hour in the morning!

Ombre brows, like microblading, are a technique performed using semi-permanent make-up that fades after about 3 years until it has completely disappeared. Do you want to keep your brows up to date? Then have your eyebrows updated about every year.

What is the difference between Microblading and Ombre?

Microblading is a “hair” technique, by making small scratches in the top layer of the skin and adding pigment. This remains best for people who still have enough hairs of their own. In contrast, Ombre is more of a shadow technique to be made by means of a “pricking movement”, this technique is often chosen to get more filling in people who have little or no hair of their own anymore.

The technique that is most often taken for the best result is the combination of these 2 techniques. The combo, so I can place small hair aka Microblading on the front and then change to Ombre for a nice full effect.

Who is Ombre suitable for?

• Adjusting / perfecting the existing eyebrow shape
• Thickening of existing thin eyebrows
• Thin eyebrows caused by years of repeated plucking
• Correcting asymmetry
• Active lifestyle
• Difficulty applying normal make-up
• Desire to look fresh every moment and look well-groomed
• Chemotherapy or Alopecia
• Scars

Does the result look natural?

At Microblding Tampa Bay,  we strive to work as naturally as possible, and to adjust the color, shape and technique to what suits someone best. So always go to an experienced artist, with a public portfolio of her work.

For an overview of our work, check our Instagram or Facebook.

What will I look like immediately after the treatment?

The treated area may be slightly red and possibly slightly swollen. This side effect often disappears within a few hours. After the treatment, the color is always about 40% darker for the first 5 to 7 days than the color that was chosen together with you as the end result. This has to do with the natural healing process of the skin. Only after about 30 days you can see the full result because then the skin is fully recovered. It can also happen that small crusts / flakes develop after the treatment. You don’t have to worry about that, this is part of the skin’s recovery process.

How long will the result remain visible?

Depending on which zone and which techniques have been used, permanent make-up stays beautiful on average for 12-24 months. The shelf life also has to do with your skin type, your care rituals, your lifestyle and the extent to which and how often you expose your skin to the sun / tanning bed. If you have a oily skin type, the pigment may not be absorbed into the skin and therefore cannot give the desired result. Sometimes the pigments also remain visible for longer. Semi-permanent does not mean that you can assume that all pigment will definitely disappear. It is possible that (some) color can still be seen even after years. As soon as the pigments / color starts to fade, you can easily maintain the results by having a “maintenance” done.

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Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida.

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