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Permanent Make-up Healing & Aftercare

There is no more satisfying feeling than being able to materialize the objectives and expectations of your clients!

The aftercare of permanent makeup is very important. A good healing is of great importance for a good result. If the aftercare is not followed correctly, the result will not be 100%. We do our utmost to set the perfect eyebrow and need you to get the optimal result.

Yes, you just had permanent make-up done! It is important to let the healing go as smoothly as possible for the best and longest result. Read the following carefully so that you know exactly what to do and what not to do.

After the permanent make-up has been put on, the treated skin may swell, for some this is minimal and for others it swells a bit more.

The skin may be red and irritated during the healing process. 

The pigmented area will look darker and thicker than the final result. You can expect the eyebrows to fade by 10 to 40% within 3 to 30 days after the treatment. Some areas will fade more, however when the pigment oxidizes (after two to three weeks) they become darker in color again. 

After the treatment , the body is used to the pigment and the skin will accept it better, which means that it will fade less quickly. 

Remember:  all permanent makeup results vary from person to person and personal hygiene is imperative during the healing time of the medical pigmentation or permanent makeup.

Aftercare microblading, ombrebrows and powderbrows eyebrows

After the treatment, the treated skin should be cleaned thoroughly. Do this in the following way:

Day 1 and 2 after treatment

  • Boil some water and let it cool.
  • Dip some cotton balls in the sterile water and then squeeze most of the water out again.
  • Divide a pump of cleansing milk over the cotton pads and dab clean the treated skin.
  • Repeat the above operation 3 to 5 times on the first day.

Day 3

  • Rest for a day and do not use any cleansers, cream or make-up on the treated skin.

Day 4 to 6

  • Use the aftercare cream for three days.
  • You can dab this cream twice a day with a cotton swab. 

After 2 weeks

  • Two weeks after the treatment, the skin can be protected with our sunblock.

The first 30 days

  • A visit to the swimming pool, tanning salon, and/or sauna is not recommended during this period.
  • No facial treatments, no (fruit acid) peels, no microdermabrasion, no creams with growth factors.
  • No laser treatments (this can affect the pigmented skin causing pigment loss/burning).
  • The use of antibiotics and hormonal treatments can affect the durability of the pigment (fade faster).
  • Use sunscreen if you go outside, but note: on the eyebrows only after the 7th day.

After complete healing of the eyebrows

  • Always use a sun block (factor 30 or higher) during tanning (also tanning bed) on the eyebrows to keep the color better and longer.
  • To keep your permanent make-up beautiful in color, we advise you to come back every 9 to 14 months for a touch up treatment.
  • Second treatment should take place between 6 and 8 weeks after the first but maximum after 3 months.


  • After the treatment, very small granules appear on the skin, this is normal and tiny flakes. Do not pull on these flakes but let the skin reject it itself, this way you prevent a scar and the drawing of pigment that is in the skin.  
  • In addition to the care mentioned above, the permanent make-up must be kept dry for 14 days from water, milk, lotions, make-up and other cosmetics.  
  • During the healing process, avoid contact with bathing water (chlorine pools, hot tubs, natural bathing water). Also do not use the sauna or steam bath.  
  • Do not touch the medical pigmentation or permanent makeup with hands to avoid infection.  
  • Do not expose the pigmented skin to the sun or tanning bed (not even with sunscreen). Also after the healing time on the medical pigmentation or permanent make-up, always use a high protection factor while sunbathing (minimum factor 50).  
  • Do not wear patches or bandages over the medical pigmentation or permanent make-up.  
  • In case of a medical pigmentation, do not wear tight or dirty clothing on the wound.  
  • Always contact your doctor in case of extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, pus, color change of the wound or pain.
Yerelin Guerrero
Yerelin Guerrero
Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida. She is a Microblading Certified/licensed Artist, Certified Makeup Artist, Advanced Certified Lash Artist and an Advanced Certified Lip Tattoo Artist.

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