Permanent Eyebrows: Powder Brows And Ombré Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows: Powder Brows And Ombré Eyebrows



Everyone who enters the salon has their own taste and wishes. That is why, in addition to the popular Hairstrokes and Ombré eyebrows, we also offer the Powder technique. This is another way to set permanent eyebrows, where you get a 'powder' eyebrow as a result.

In this technique of semi-permanent make-up, pigment is applied to the skin in a very subtle way. It looks as if you have shaded the eyebrows with a powder (after the recovery period). The pigment will be evenly distributed over the entire eyebrow.

This technique, the powder brows, is extremely suitable for people who naturally have few eyebrow hairs, or a less pronounced shape. With this technique, both hard and very soft results can be obtained.


A fairly new trend in permanent eyebrows is the Ombré technique. We also call it 'Ombré eyebrows'. The special thing about it is that we play with light and dark and the build-up of shadows and hairs. There are several options. Ombré eyebrows combine well with the Hairstrokes technique. The Ombré technique is especially suitable if you want full, striking and trendy eyebrows that last for a long time.

Shelf life

This technique of ombre and powder brows is semi-permanent, which means that the pigments will be visible for 1 to 1.5 years, after which they gradually fade. This process varies from person to person. Good aftercare can considerably extend the shelf life (see aftercare). Usually the pigments will last longer in people with drier skin than in people with (slightly) oilier skin.


There are a number of reasons to opt for permanent eyebrows. The most common are:

  • Always beautiful, groomed eyebrows
  • Eyebrows give your face more radiance and expression
  • No hassle with signing up on the beach, by the pool, or in the sauna
  • Subtly get rid of scars and hair loss
  • Burns: eyebrows can be suggested
  • Two to five years of treatment benefit.

With us you can choose between a number of specific techniques for installing the PMU. Which suits you: Hairstrokes, Ombré eyebrows or the Shadow technique? That depends on your current eyebrows, the shape of your face and especially the effect you want to achieve with them. 

At Microblading Tampa Bay, Ombre Eyebrows is the most requested technique.

Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida.

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