Microblading: The Advantages And Disadvantages

Microblading: The Advantages And Disadvantages

Don’t feel like drawing your eyebrows every morning? Then microblading can offer a solution. With this relatively new semi-permanent make-up technique, eyebrow eye-catchers can be created that remain beautiful for up to three years. In this article we explain what microblading entails, what the pros and cons are and for whom it is suitable.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up (semi-PMU). With this technique, pigment is applied to the skin, so that the effect is long-lasting, but not 100% permanent.

Microblading is similar to tattooing the eyebrow, but unlike tattooing, the effect of microblading is more natural. Also, a tattooed eyebrow is permanent, which means that you are stuck with the set eyebrows forever. The effect of microblading lasts up to three years. Do you prefer a permanent result? Then you can opt for an eyebrow transplant .

Microblading comes under different names. For example, microblading is sometimes referred to as PMU hair strokes and in other salons microblading is explained as 3D hair strokes. In most cases this involves the same technique.

With microblading of the eyebrows, pigment is applied under the skin with a special pen containing ultra-thin needles. The needles, as it were, make tiny cuts in the skin, which ensures that the pigment settles just below the skin’s surface.

The pigment is applied with a smooth, sweeping motion. The specialist draws ‘hair strokes’ in the skin with a sterile pen in the direction of hair growth. This ensures a natural result. The semi-permanent hairs are less than a millimeter thick.

The benefits of microblading

Having semi-permanent eyebrow make-up applied has many advantages, such as:

  • When you have microblading done, your eyebrows are beautiful in color and shape for up to three years.
  • This ensures that you do not have to draw your eyebrows, which saves you time.
  • Compared to the earlier permanent make-up techniques, microblading gives an extremely natural result.
  • Eyebrows treated by means of microblading are indistinguishable from real ones.
  • Microblading is a lot more skin-friendly compared to eyebrow tattooing.
  • The skin is not (permanently) damaged by it.

The drawbacks of microblading

  • It is not possible to vary the eyebrow shape if you have had microblading performed.
  • The shape and color of your eyebrows will last for up to three years after a microblading treatment.
  • Not everyone can tolerate the pigment that is applied under the skin. Your skin may be showing an allergic reaction.
  • Treatment can go wrong. For example, if the therapist does not work sterile, the skin can become infected.
  • That is why it is important to always choose a professional salon or clinic.
Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida.

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