Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Make Up

Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Make Up

Before you make an appointment somewhere for a permanent make-up treatment, you of course first find out where you can best have your permanent make-up placed and make sure that all your questions are answered. So check them quickly so that YOU are well prepared and know what you are talking about.

1. What is permanent make-up?

 With permanent make-up (pmu) you can save a lot of time every day. You can look flawless at any time of the day without any effort. How exactly does it work? Skin-friendly pigment is applied to the skin using microscopic needles. Because this technique is so refined, permanent make-up cannot be distinguished from real make-up.

2. Who is permanent make up for?

Permanent makeup is suitable for everyone. The reasons for taking pmu are diverse. Some people naturally have lighter or fewer eyelash or eyebrow hairs, while others have no hair at all due to a disease such as Alopecia areata. In addition, you can think of the effects of chemotherapy on hair growth, burns or little hair growth due to years of over-epilation. Permanent make-up is also a perfect solution if your skin reacts very sensitively to make-up, if you are in a hurry in the morning, if you exercise regularly or if your eyebrows are not symmetrical. Whatever the reason; pmu always offers a lot of convenience and comfort. The most common response is: “If only I had done this years before!”

 3. How long does permanent make-up last?

Permanent make-up lasts an average of 1 to 5 years. The actual period depends on, among other things, skin type, age and exposure to the sun.

An annual touch-up is recommended to keep your permanent make-up nice and fresh. In many cases, 1 treatment is enough to enjoy it again for a long time. Applying sunblock to permanent make-up is a good way to prevent fading from UV rays.

4. How can I best prepare for a treatment?

Wash your hair the night before or on the day of the treatment. The first three days after applying the permanent make-up, it must remain dry for the best result.

 – If you have flaky skin around the eyebrows, you can peel or scrub the skin there, so that the pigment can catch better.

 – Do not use waterproof mascara a few days in advance and pause using eyelash serum for an eyeliner treatment. Eyelash extensions must be removed at least 5 days before the treatment.

 – Chia seeds and ginger have a blood-thinning effect. So stop using it a few days before the treatment.

 – Are you on medication? Ask your pmu specialist well in advance whether this is not a problem.

5. How much time is there between treatments?

 Because permanent make-up is put in the dermis, it is wise to wait at least 4-6 weeks until the next treatment. The skin is then sufficiently restored. A second or third treatment should always take place within 8 weeks.

6. Why are 2 to 3 treatments required?

To get the best and most durable result with permanent make-up, the pigment is applied in layers on top of each other. This allows the color nuance and intensity of your pmu to be exactly as you wish. The three treatments are all included in the mentioned price.

7. Is applying permanent make-up painful?

 This differs per skin and per person, but is generally not experienced as painful. Do you know that you are a bit more sensitive? Please indicate this in advance, so that this can be taken into account, or take 2 paracetamol half an hour in advance. No aspirin! The skin can be anesthetized prior to treatment with cream. You can pick up the cream at your pharmacy, on presentation of a prescription from your doctor. Apply the cream to the eyebrows half an hour before treatment. NEVER use the cream on the eyes for eyeliner!

8. With what is the pigment applied?

The pigment is applied with a handpiece with a sterile needle module, in which microscopic needles move up and down. A new needle is used for each pmu treatment and after each treatment it is safely disposed of in a special UN-approved sharps container.

9. How is it possible that the prices of permanent make-up differ so much?

In order to get and keep the quality and safety as high as possible for you as a customer, Microblading Tampa Bay only invests in the best possible products and training. This gives you a safe treatment and the very best result. In most cases, with permanent make-up, cheap is also expensive.

Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida.

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