Aftercare permanent make-up microblading, softly shaded (Ombrebrows) and full shaded (Powderbrows) eyebrows

Aftercare permanent make-up microblading, softly shaded (Ombrebrows) and full shaded (Powderbrows) eyebrows

This article concerns the microblading (manual), ombrebrows (softly shaded) and powderbrows (full shaded) eyebrow treatments from Microblading Tampa Bay.

The aftercare of permanent makeup is very important. A good healing is of great importance for a good result. If the aftercare is not followed correctly, the result will not be 100%. We do our utmost to set the perfect eyebrow and we need you to get the optimal result.

Aftercare microblading, ombrebrows and powderbrows eyebrows

The color of the strokes is often darker than the own hairs in the first 7 days. The strokes get lighter over time. DO NOT attempt to independently remove the pigment from the strokes to lighten it, this will affect the healing process and the end result.

Never scratch off any scabs!

Doing so will have a negative effect on the healing process. You use this to pull the pigment out of the skin and open the wound again, so that less pigment remains in the skin and there will be a longer chance of infections.

For an optimal healing process, the instructions below should be followed closely. If you have any questions about the after-treatment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Aftercare for day 1

Use a cotton ball with lukewarm water (squeezed out well) 30 minutes after the treatment to clean the eyebrows. Do not stretch the skin while cleaning (dabbing or rubbing gently). The skin is sufficiently clean as soon as you no longer see any pigment on the cloth. Wait about 1 minute after cleaning until your skin is dry and then apply a thin layer of cream on your eyebrows, except for oily skin (cleaning is then sufficient). You should also not use the cream if you have an allergy to honey extract or suffer from extreme hay fever.

Repeat the above operation 3 to 5 times on the first day.

Aftercare for day 2 to day 7

In the following 6 days, you should apply the care cream thinly (Skin Candy) 3 times every day, except for oily skin. The use of moist cotton wool is not necessary during this period.

To be avoided after microblading, ombrebrows and powderbrows eyebrow treatments

Day 1 to Day 7

-Do not apply a cream (day/night cream) to the eyebrows except the Skin Candy that you have been given.

-Do not apply make-up to the eyebrows.

-Avoid sports that make you sweat a lot.

-Do not go to the sauna, swimming pool or tanning studio – No steam or massages near the face.

-Do not put sunscreen on the eyebrows.

The first 30 days

-A visit to the swimming pool, tanning salon, and/or sauna is not recommended during this period.

-No facial treatments, no (fruit acid) peels, no microdermabrasion, no creams with growth factors.

-No laser treatments (this can affect the pigmented skin causing pigment loss/burning).

The use of antibiotics and hormonal treatments can affect the durability of the pigment (fade faster).

Use sunscreen if you go outside, but note: on the eyebrows only after the 7th day.

After complete healing of the eyebrows

-Always use a sun block (factor 30 or higher) during tanning (also tanning bed) on the eyebrows to keep the color better and longer.

-To keep your permanent make-up beautiful in color, we advise you to come back every 9 to 14 months for a touch up treatment.

-Second treatment should take place between 6 and 8 weeks after the first but maximum after 3 months.

And never forget: always consult a doctor in case of inflammation or extreme swelling

Yerelin Guerrero is a renowned makeup artist in the Tampa Bay area and central Florida.

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